Trent Schools

May 24, 2019

How it works

During the fast-paced format, groups of pupils visit each delegate’s table and are given seven minutes to work out what they do for a living. Delegates provide clues and props and pupils ask questions, ranging from the delegate’s educational background to what their working hours are and the type of environment they work in. Once the career has been guessed correctly, pupils have an opportunity to delve a little deeper and gain valuable insight into each delegate’s line of work.

The event is a rare opportunity for pupils to have open and honest discussions with the individuals behind the job titles about what life in their chosen careers is really like. Hearing these real experiences can have a powerful impact on pupils, often reaffirming existing ambitions for the future and sparking new ones. This year pupils learned more about a diverse range of careers, from prevalent career choices, such as doctor, solicitor and engineer, to the more unconventional including football sports analyst and games designer.

Support from our community

The continued success of this careers evening lies in the support of the wider school community. Delegates involved in the event are all volunteers from our parent community and far-reaching alumni network. For Old Tridents in particular, the event is a rewarding opportunity to return to the place where their careers began and share their journeys with the next generation. For the Year 10 pupils attending, knowing that these successful men and women were taught in the same classrooms they learn in today can make an ambitious career goal seem that much more achievable.

Fiona Starbuck, Head of Careers at Trent, said, “We are indebted to the delegates who took part in the event this year, the Year 10 pupils were enthused and engaged by what they heard and it gave them the opportunity to hear about a number of diverse career choices, as well as the ability to interview and converse with adults they don’t know. This is definitely a highlight of the careers year at Trent College.”

Extending the experience

Year 5 children from The Elms also attended an inaugural junior session of ‘What’s My Line?’ earlier the same day, making this the first year that the event has been extended to include junior school pupils. The interactive nature of the session proved to be just as engaging for a younger audience as it was for our Year 10s and the children loved hearing about all the exciting possibilities they could choose to pursue in the future, as well as being able to try on a few uniforms and play with the Biology Department’s giant land snail Brian!