Trent Schools

April 28, 2023

“External trips that enhance the curriculum are a fantastic way to bring learning to life for our pupils, but we  wanted to take this one step further and introduce trips that have a real impact on personal and social developments whilst building upon key character strengths” explains Mr Hallows, Deputy Head (Pastoral).  

The first Transformational Education Visit was to Poland and comprised of a competitive application process which was a useful learning experience in itself.  

Isla (Year 13), Harry, Leo and Erin (Year 12) were successful in securing a place on the trip which included visits to the Auschwitz concentration camp; Kazimierz, the historic Jewish quarter of Krakow and Podgorze, the site of the Jewish ghetto during WW2. 

“I feel that it is important that our generation and the generations to come should not forget the atrocities that these people suffered. Going to a concentration camp really opens your eye to the worse parts of humanity. I wanted to experience this myself as I know from others, that it is something that never really leaves you and gives you perspective on life” explains Erin, when asked why she wanted to attend the trip.   

Sharing learnings with the school community

Since their trip, the group have led PSHE lessons and Chapel Services for every year group at Trent College, where they explained the impact of their experience and told stories of the individuals who they were inspired to learn more about.

The Chapel Services concluded with all pupils being able to take part in the Jewish tradition of placing a stone on the memorial in an act of remembrance. “Being able to share our experiences with pupils from across the school was invaluable, as we were able to further reflect on why it is important as we continue to tell these people’s stories. We felt we were able to engage with the pupils on a more personal level, as after the Chapel Services our peers sought to ask more questions about the project, than they would have if it had been a member of staff” shared Isla.  

Future opportunities

Following the success of this trip, there will be opportunities for more pupils to apply for future transformational educational visits.  

Harry would recommend pupils looking into the opportunities as they become available as “attending a trip like this can be a powerful and transformative experience. It can help pupils gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of history, culture and humanity.” 


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