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Find out more about how Boarding at Trent College works for our UK, International and HM Forces families with more detailed information here.

Boarding Stats


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On-site boarding houses

Boarding Life

Our weekly boarders know that they have a safe comfortable and friendly base during their working week, whilst our full boarders enjoy complete social, cultural and academic integration into the life of the school.

A whole school experience

A chemistry teacher supporting two Sixth Form pupils in the classroom

academic support

Living on campus gives boarding pupils extended access to staff, resources and facilities. Structured prep sessions each evening under the supervision of Duty Tutors from various departments across the school ensure homework gets done and academic progress remains at the top of every pupil’s agenda.

Two teenage girls talking in a classroom setting

Achieving Balance

Trent College pupils, and their parents, are busy people.  Our boarding community helps families achieve balance with work and home. Flexible boarding works with families and their varied schedules to enable a balanced family life during the week and quality time together at the weekend. Boarders also benefit from:

  • Reduced travelling time
  • More dedicated time to study
  • Additional time for the pursuit of excellence in drama, music and sport
A group of girls talking as they walk in the school grounds

Lifelong Relationships

Boarding helps to foster a capacity to get on with others and relate to people from all over the world, with backgrounds that may be very different from their own. It also builds essential life skills such as independence, confidence, self-reliance and the ability to live in a community, as well as preparing pupils for life at university with cooking, washing, banking etc.

A group of students enjoying mountain biking in the school grounds

exciting activities

Our boarders’ activity programme encourages pupils to make the most of their free time in the evenings and at weekends. Weekly trips make full use of local facilities and on-site activities, including themed food & film nights, provide plenty of opportunity for pupils to socialise.