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July 20, 2020

Learning in a structured environment beyond the home offers significant benefits for your child. Pre-School balances freedom with routine, allowing children to express themselves through free play while also promoting effective learning through structured activities.

Achieve Developmental Goals

The first five years of life are vital to your child’s personal development and consistent learning supported by qualified staff will enable them to thrive. At The Elms Pre-School, we ensure that children meet their developmental milestones and make maximum progress in all seven areas of learning and development on the EYFS curriculum:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design
Essential Social Interaction

Pre-School will enhance your child’s social skills as they learn alongside children their own age. As they make friends and participate in group activities, their confidence in social situations will grow and so will their independence.

Long-term Academic Benefits

Research into early education funded by the Department of Education found that children who attended Pre-School achieved better academic outcomes throughout primary and secondary education.

Having attended any pre-school was a positive predictor of total GCSE scores at age 16, more full GCSE entries, better grades in English & maths and a higher probability of achieving 5 A*-C (the equivalent of 9-4 on the new grade system) GCSEs including English & maths. The impact is higher the longer children had spent in pre-school (in months) and if the pre-school was of high quality.”

(Source: The effective pre-school, primary and secondary education (EPPSE) project, 2014)

Advanced Learning Opportunities

At The Elms Pre-School, every day is a chance to learn something new. Your child will enjoy regular sessions with qualified Reception teachers, covering fundamental areas such as phonics and physical development.

Our Pre-School children also benefit from weekly lessons with specialist teachers, which allow them to progress in a broad range of subjects:

  • French – beginning a second language at a young age can enhance your child’s aptitude for learning languages as they grow
  • Music – learning about pitch, tempo and rhythm encourages an early interest in music
  • PE – boosts physical development and mobility, as well as supporting positive wellbeing
  • Dance & Drama – develops your child’s confidence and inspires creative expression

With 45 acres of campus to explore, your child will also experience lots of outdoor learning at The Elms Pre-School including weekly Forest School in our onsite woodland.

Essential Preparation for School

Pre-School helps children to prepare for learning in school. Your child will become familiar with the classroom environment and learn to navigate the behavioural dos and don’ts.

At The Elms Pre-School, children wear uniform and eat their lunch in a private room located in our whole school dining hall. These small but important details all support your child’s smooth transition into Reception.

Individual Attention

Wellbeing is the highest priority within our whole school community, from Nursery right through to Sixth Form. Every child in Pre-School is assigned a key-worker who is responsible for looking after their individual needs. High staff to pupil ratios mean our qualified staff have the time to form close, nurturing relationships with the children and get to know them as individuals. This allows us to provide your child with the tailored care that will enable them to flourish.

Mrs Savage, Assistant Head (EYFS & Infants), says;

“Pre-School provides children with the crucial building blocks for future learning. These firm foundations are essential for children’s future success in an ever-changing world.”

Find out more about the exceptional Pre-School experience we provide and how it can help your child make up for lost socialising and development time in lockdown by contacting our Admissions team on 0115 849 49 49 or to book a personal tour of our first-class facilities. Limited 30 hours funded places are still available.