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July 13, 2020

In the midst of a global health pandemic, medical professionals have become the face of our fight against the coronavirus. The skills and resilience they have shown on the frontline have inspired even more young people to contemplate a future in healthcare.

The Medical Society aims to provide Trent pupils who want to pursue a career in medicine with the support and guidance they need to achieve their ambitions.

What is MedSoc?

MedSoc is part of Trent College’s versatile co-curricular programme, which consists of more than 40 clubs and societies committed to helping pupils discover new passions and skills beyond the classroom.

Pupils can join MedSoc from Year 11, at the age of just 15, and continue receiving support through the society during their Sixth Form studies.

Members participate in weekly structured sessions led by Mrs Starbuck, Head of Careers, and Dr Johnson, Director of Academic Excellence. These sessions encourage pupils to consider new perspectives by exploring topics such as medical ethics and current healthcare issues. MedSoc maintains a strong focus on academic success, supporting pupils in achieving the excellent GCSE and A Level results required to study medicine after Sixth Form.

Amelia is a Year 12 pupil at Trent and current member of MedSoc. As hospitals across the country continue their fight against COVID-19, she says the recent health crisis has only strengthened her desire to join the medical profession in the future;

“NHS workers have continued to work throughout these challenging times and it has really highlighted how important they are in today’s society. Their commitment has definitely increased my motivation to help people through a career in medicine.”

Supporting each step of the journey

The journey to Medical School is renowned for being a long and difficult process. Year 12 pupils in MedSoc benefit from regular sessions focused on preparing for the specific testing and interview processes involved. Through practice assessments and mock interview scenarios, pupils can develop their confidence and knowledge and feel well prepared to tackle their entrance exams.

A Year 12 pupil explains how invaluable the support that she received this year has been for her and other members;

“MedSoc has given me key insight into the application process, which I know will be essential in helping me achieve in such a competitive field. Without MedSoc, we would all have been lost!”

Tapping into the Trent College network

Trent College is fortunate to have an extensive network of former pupils who have developed successful careers in medicine and healthcare since finishing school. By maintaining strong connections with these professionals through the Development & Alumni office, our school can provide pupils with unique opportunities to learn more about the medical profession and gain valuable work experience.

Former pupil Kyle Alexander finished his Sixth Form journey at Trent two years ago and chose to study medicine abroad at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. He shared his experiences so far with MedSoc pupils via a group Zoom meeting. During the call, Kyle reflected on his application process and advised our future medics on how to best prepare for the challenging tests themselves.

Tailored support

The combined knowledge and experience of Mrs Starbuck and Dr Johnson ensure that every pupil in MedSoc receives individual support whilst completing their university application. Mrs Starbuck explains;

“Following the coronavirus outbreak, advancement in medicine is in the forefront of our minds. It is now more important than ever that we equip our doctors of the future with the skills they will need to flourish in demanding and evolving roles.”

Pupils leading the way

The Sixth Form curriculum at Trent College offers young people more than 20 A Level subjects as well as  BTECs in Sport and Business to choose from, allowing every pupil to build a personalised timetable that will help them to fulfil their unique ambitions.

Whether you aspire to become a doctor or a musician, discover how Trent College can support you on your journey by contacting Admissions to book your private tour of our school on 0115 849 49 49 or at  We operate an all year round admissions process and limited places are still available in the Senior and Sixth Form years.