Trent Schools

July 31, 2020

Leadership is an essential part of the school culture at Trent. We are passionate about creating resilient, confident leaders of tomorrow; from their very first day in school to their last in Sixth Form, pupils are constantly learning what it means to be an effective leader.

Through classroom learning and an extensive co-curricular programme, we equip pupils with the skills to lead and provide leadership opportunities across all areas of the school to put those skills to the test.

The Prefect Team

Congratulations to Amelia, Ben, Eleanor, Isabel, Lucy, Luke and new Head Boy Josh who were announced as the Senior Prefect team for the 2020-21 academic year at the end of term!

Their abilities were assessed by the Head of Sixth Form, Deputy Head Pastoral and the Head himself as well as their peers during a rigorous application and interview process, and for the first time in school history much of this process was conducted remotely.

While every Prefect brings their own unique skills and knowledge to the role, all Trent Prefects are accomplished, well-rounded individuals who embody our whole school ethos and strive to be the best they can be in terms of achievement and character. In addition to the seven Senior Prefects, there are five Prefect teams that support the school community:

  • The Campus Prefect Team
  • The Main School Team
  • The Lower School Team
  • The Sixth Form Team
  • The Boarding Team

Each team has their own duties to carry out, in addition to the typical responsibilities that come with being a Prefect.

We wish all of our newly appointed Prefects the best of luck in their roles during the next academic year.

Sixth Form Leadership

There are more than 70 formal leadership roles open to pupils in Years 12 and 13.

Near the start of their Sixth Form education, pupils are asked to consider and explore their character strengths with a specific focus on leadership. Which of the 24 strengths will I need to employ to lead effectively? Am I confident in these areas or do I need to develop? How can I maximise my character strengths to go further as a leader?

As role models to younger pupils, Sixth Form leaders can have a big impact on the school community. During the last school year they:

  • Helped younger pupils develop their literacy skills through our Buddy Reading Scheme
  • Initiated further environmental change in school as part of our Environmental Team
  • Led sports teams to victories as captains
  • Mentored pupils through the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) programme as DofE Ambassadors
  • Worked with staff to organise House events and whole school competitions
  • Assisted staff in the running of co-curricular activities and clubs at Trent and The Elms
Leadership in Lockdown

Opportunities to excel beyond the curriculum are a vital part of the first-class, all-round education that Trent College and our Junior School The Elms are known for and pupils continued to benefit from an extensive co-curricular programme throughout their remote learning last term.

With any change comes new challenges to face but also new opportunities to grow and Sixth Form students refused to let a global health pandemic hold them back. A virtual co-curricular programme provided pupils with brand new leadership experiences and several pupils assisted staff in organising remote activities that would benefit their peers.

“Sixth Form leaders manage, supervise, advise, lead and inspire our school community on a daily basis.” Mr Mayfield, Head of Sixth Form, said. “Service and leadership play a key part in the education and development of young adults in our sixth form.”

Find out more about Trent Sixth Form and how we prepare pupils for a successful future. If you are set to embark on the next step of your education and would like to be part of a vibrant community full of ambitious learners, find out more about our Admissions process, or book a Virtual Tour, or a place at out Open Morning on 6th March.